Premiere Issue Fall 2003
      day of the dead       by nancee kincaid maya
Green Men       by Gordon Durham
School Shoes       by Marnelle White

Volume I #1, Winter 2003/2004
      Hoar Frost       by Lisabeth Shuman
      The Shining Rain
       by Joyce Odam
      Round Kite
       by Carol Frith

Volume I #2, Spring 2004
      Daffodils       by James Shuman
Gardening With My Son
             by Sam Pierstorff
Forewarned!       by Nancy Haskett

Volume I #3, Summer 2004
      Knight’s Ferry Covered Bridge
             by Lee Collins
       by Margarita Engle
       by Karen Baker

Volume I #4, Fall 2004
      Better Than Ferragammo’s
             by Judith A. Venturini
Autumn       by Greg Edwards
Peaches and Pear Juice       by Ed Bearden

Volume II #1, Winter 2004/2005
      Small Town       by Cynthia Bryant
Dream Cycles       by Sharon Teig
Mood Changes       by Phyllis Bulcao Breves

Volume II #2, Spring 2005
      Springtime       by Roberta Bearden
What I Expect From My Poems
             by Frederick Zydek
Seven Snapshots of San Luis National
            Wildlife Refuge
      by Lynn M. Hansen

Volume II #3, Summer 2005
      Family Physician
             by Wilma Elizabeth McDaniel
Sweeping Cobwebs       by Arlene Mandell
Witnessing the Sky       by Laverne Frith

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