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 Except where otherwise indicated, poems are limited to 28 lines of text not including the title or spaces. All forms accepted for all categories, within line limits. One prize per poet per contest.

No Contest

                       R U L E S     

Contests are open to all poets in the United States and Canada. Each poem submitted must be typewritten on standard size paper with the contest month in the upper right-hand corner. Send TWO COPIES of each poem with author's name and address in the upper right corner on ONE copy. Put no identification on the second copy. Address labels are acceptable.

Multiple entries are especially welcome. Poems must be in English. There is no limit to the number of poems submitted. Only poems not previously awarded a money prize are eligible. If poems have been previously published, please state where.

A fee of two dollars ($2.00) must accompany entry for each poem submitted (or 3 poems for $5). Make checks to CFCP, Inc. DEADLINE is the last day of the contest's calendar month. Envelope must be postmarked before midnight of that day. For those poets who use a post office that does not date-stamp mail, a written date beneath the return address will suffice. Please print the contest month on the outside of the envelope.

Print contest month on outside of mailing envelope, on SASE for winners' list and on return envelope. Please make sure proper postage is included.


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1st prize: $25.00     2nd prize: $15.00      3rd prize: $10.00

To receive a wnner's list, include a stamped, self-addressed envelope with contest monthindicated. Allow one month after closing date of contest before sending poems elsewhere. Winning poems will be printed in the CFCP newsletter, Chaparral Updrafts.

mail contest 
entries to: 

We are seeking a contest chairperson. Check back soon when we hope to have things up and running again.

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