The following poets have won the prizes indicated in each category. An Awards Ceremony will be held Sunday, April 22, 2012 at the Radisson Hotel in Ontario, CA, in which all poems will be read and prizes awarded.

Place   Poet Poem
Category 1. Theme: Day & Night
1st Carol Frith Unopened Dream
Category 2. Fixed Forms
1st Carol Frith Italian Sunflower
2nd Joyce Odam The White Moth
3rd William Preston On an Autumn Morning . . .
HM 1 Donna Honeycutt High Strung
HM 2 Catherine Moran Filling the Space
HM 3 Florence Rose Spilled Palette
Category 3. Short Poem
1st Roberta Bearden What Price Freedom
2nd Catherine Moran Incompatible
3rd Betty Temple (untitled)
HM 1 Katharine Wilson

Spring Wedding

HM 2 Carol Eve Ford Alaska Spring
HM 3 Elizabeth Provost Let It In
Category 4. Any Subject, Any Style
1st Susan Beem Solitude
2nd Sally Clark Diamondback
3rd Laverne Frith Counting All the Lives
HM 1 Jeanne Lupton Spider of God
HM 2 Catherine Moran On the Same Level
HM 3 Joyce Odam Your Own Dimension
HM 4 William Preston The Old Mission
Catergory 5. Light or Humorous Poem
1st Tom Myers A Day for a Picnic
2nd Susan Beem Ghazals for a Cassowary
3rd Bill Latimer Poetry Shopping
HM 1 Paige Taylor Designer Blues
HM 2 Don Feliz Boulevard Ladies
HM 3 Nora Radaikin Mr. Bones
Category 6. Nature
1st Carol Frith I Shall Follow Myself into Spring
2nd James Lyon Pencil In Covina Park . . . Be Here on Friday
3rd Gary Thomas Turtle Talks with Hummingbird
HM 1 William Preston Antarctic Greeting
HM 2 Helen Graziano Milagro of the Sea
HM 3 Jeanne Lupton In Suburbs There Is Nature
Category 7. Science and Technology
1st Nancy Haskett Science Lesson
2nd William Preston Technician
3rd Don Feliz Altair
HM 1 Norma Kohout The Visually-Challenging Shell
HM 2 Joyce Odam Fragments of Design
HM 3 Laverne Frith How the Pictures Came About
HM 4 Ed Bearden Hope Blooms at Monterosso Park
Category 8. California
1st Nora Radaikin Creation
2nd Evelyn Stecher Highway 80, 2011
3rd Gary Thomas The Gum Trees' Story
HM 1 Carol Frith Counting Apricots in Hamilton City
HM 2 Jan Dederick California Graft
HM 3 Jeanne Lupton California
Category 9. Friendship
1st Linda Prather Wish You Were Here
2nd John Rowe Veterans
3rd Laverne Frith Missing
HM 1 Jan Dederick Chemo Poisons Friendship
HM 2 Joyce Odam Weight of Loneliness
HM 3 Evelyn Stecher Thursday Afternoon
HM 4 Carol Frith Companion
HM 5 debee loyd Yearning
Category 10. Lois Jeannette Dalton Memorial Award: any aspect of Humanity
1st Susan Beem The Unspoken
2nd Kathy Leonard Cadaver Bone
3rd Elizabeth Provost The Pain and the Power
HM 1 Marjorie Wagner A Guest in the Home of the Ancients
HM 2 Catherine Moran Other Places to Go
HM 3 Mary Rudge My Sister the Centaur
HM 4 Nancy Haskett Protest
HM 5 Laverne Frith Mother Knew
Category 11. Roscoe Fortson Memorial Award: Looking Backward
1st Susan Beem Sundays Too
2nd Carol Frith Silent Tea
3rd Ed Bearden Making Masks
HM 1 Cathy Murphy Estate Sale
HM 2 Betty Temple Backward Journey
HM 3 Laverne Frith Remembering the Pond
Category 12. Pegasus Buchanan Memorial Award: any subject Rhymed & Metered
1st Carol Frith Dorothy Wordsworth Surveys the Orchard Garden
2nd Joyce Odam The Moonlight Dancers
3rd Linda Kraai Everyone's Triumph
HM 1 Nora Radaikin Pollen Path
HM 2 Carol Louise Moon Gone As Wind
HM 3 Jan Dederick A Bed of Heather
Category 13. Executive Board: Jumping Ship
1st Cathy Murphy The Swimmer
2nd Carol Frith Nightmare
3rd Cleo Griffith Jumping Back: Temporary Mermaid
Category 14. Mary Hurley Memorial Award: Fragility of Life
1st Susan Beem Dark Stranger
2nd Patricia L. Nichol Tenuous
3rd Carol Eve Ford Anticipation
HM 1 William Preston Foretaste
HM 2 Ed Bearden His Ancient Glittering Eyes
HM 3 Roslyn Farkas The Last Time

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posted 11:08 pm 3/06/12